DATE OF BIRTH : 18. August 1988 at 9:45 am in Lucknow
EDUCATION: MBA(HR) from Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning, Pune. BSc. In Hospitality and Hotel Administration from Institute of Hotel Management, Lucknow.
WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working with a School as an English Teacher (Junior classes) in Lucknow. Prior to this, worked with Devyani International Ltd as Asst. Training Manager for 2.5yrs. Completed 6months of Internship from The Metropolitan Hotel, Delhi.
PERSONALITY & OTHER ATTRIBUTES: 5’8″ tall & slim. Values relationships, perseverance and being good to others.
LIKES & INTERESTS : Listening to music, enjoys reading and watching movies and sitcoms.
CASTE/GOTRA : Dos. Vaishya/ Kashyap Gotra.
FATHER & MOTHER: Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Businessman. Partner in Flour Mill in Sandila. Also having his courier agency in Lucknow. Mrs. Shashi Gupta, home-maker.
ELDER SISTER & JIJAJI : Mrs. Neha Gupta, Chartered Accountant, married since 5yrs and blessed with a girl. Mr. Salil Gupta, a prominent Businessman in Kanpur owning Iron manufacturing factories.
CHACHAJI & CHACHAJI : Mr. Alok Gupta, partnership in Flour Mill in Sandila. Mrs. Avnija Gupta, home-maker.
BUAJI & FUFAJI : Mrs. Anju Gupta & Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Govt. Contractor in Banda (U.P)
Mrs. Sanju Gupta & Mr. Ashutosh Gupta, Practicing Chartered Accountant, Lucknow.
GRANDFATHER & GRANDMOTHER: Late Sri. Gopinath Gupta, Asst General Manager, Reserve Bank of India & Smt. Anusuiya Gupta.

MATERNAL GRANDFATHER & GRANDMOTHER : Sri. Ramkumar Gupta, a renowned Businessman in Lucknow dealing with the wholesale of grains and pulses & Smt. Sarojini Gupta.
CONTACT DETAILS:  9935533555 (Mother) , 9936287428 (Father) Mail-Id:

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